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Delhi, a city rich in diversity and history, welcomes you to explore its rich cultural legacy. Start your adventure with the magnificent Red Fort, a symbol of Mughal grandeur, and be in awe at Indias greatest mosque, Jama Masjid. Wander around Chandni Chowk, a historic marketplace brimming with vibrant vendors and mouthwatering street cuisine.

Discover spirituality at the magnificently designed Akshardham Temple and find peace at the Lotus Temple. Admire the somber beauty of India Gate as you pay respect to the dead troops.

See the architectural wonder that is Humayun’s Tomb and Qutub Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover the peace of Lodhi Garden and the cultural splendor of Dilli Haat. Explore the National Museum’s fusion of art and history, then take in Hauz Khas Village’s tranquil atmosphere.

With its diverse range of experiences, Delhi offers visitors an amazing trip through centuries of history combined with modern energy.

Top 10 Destinations for Site Seeting in Delhi

The Top Ten Places in Delhi for sightseeing are listed below:
  1. Red Fort: Discover the  UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its historical significance and opulent architecture.
  2. India Gate: Honor the troops at this well-known military memorial, which features nighttime lighting and a calm atmosphere.
  3. Qutub Minar: Admire the imposing Qutub Minar, a prime example of Indo-Islamic Architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. Humayun’s monument: A spectacular Mughal-era monument that served as a model for the Taj Mahal’s construction and is now a UNESCO-property.
  5. Jama Masjid: Explore the magnificence of the largest mosque in India, Jama Masjid, which showcases Mughal architecture.
  6. Lotus Temple: This Bahá’í house of worship, distinguished by its distinctive lotus-shaped form, invites you to embrace tranquility.
  7. Akshardham Temple: See the magnificent architecture and fascinating displays showcasing Indian spirituality and culture at Akshardham Temple.
  8. Lodi Gardens: Take in the tranquil atmosphere among historic graves, an abundance of vegetation, and a calm setting.
  9. Dilli Haat: Discover the lively Dilli Haat, an outdoor craft mart that features a wide selection of handicrafts and local food.
  10. Hauz Khas Village: Discover a fusion of art, history and culture in Hauz Khas Town, an urban town including galleries, cafes, and historic ruins.

These locations highlight Delhis rich cultural heritage, architectural wonders, tranquil landscapes, and varied heritage, providing visitors to the capital with an unforgettable experience.

List of Affordable Tour Packages for Delhi Tour

Private 2 Days, 1 Night Taj Mahal Agra Tour from New Delhi with Fatehpur Sikri
Walking Tour of Old Delhi Havelis Chandni Chowk with Lunch or Dinner
Private Tour of New Delhi and Old Delhi with Lunch. (1 Day/8 Hrs)
Private Taj Mahal day Tour from New Delhi
dexter-fernandes-y97sM41-g9k-unsplash (1)
2 Days Private Jaipur Tour from New Delhi with Elephant Ride and meal
An Amazing Evening Tour at Delhi Red Fort Sound and Light Show Followed by Dinner
Private 4 Days Delhi Agra and Jaipur Golden Triangle Tour
3 Days Jaipur City Tour with Chokhi Dhani and Jaipur Excursion
3 Days 2 Nights Taj Mahal Agra Jaipur Tour from Delhi
Private walking tour of Old Delhi with Rickshaw Ride and Food Tasting
6 Days 5 Nights Private Golden Triangle Tour Package
Private 13 Days and 12 Nights Royal Rajasthan Tour with Taj Mahal and Delhi
8 Days Golden Triangle tour package with Varanasi
5 Days and 4 Nights Private Delhi Agra and Jaipur Golden Triangle Tour
Discovering the Taj Mahal: A Same Day Tour from Delhi to Agra
One Day Agra Tour from Delhi
Evening Akshardham trip with light show
5 Days Luxury Delhi Agra and Jaipur Tour
6 Days Private Luxury Golden Triangle Tour
2days Private Taj Mahal Visit In Moonlight with Fatehpur Sikri
Guided Day Trip to Taj Mahal from Delhi with Lunch
Journey to the Mughal Empire: Same Day Agra Tour from Delhi
Evening Akshardham trip with light show
Jai Hind - Red Fort Sound and Light Show Tour with Dinner New Delhi

How To Travel To Delhi

As India’s capital and largest metropolis, Delhi features a main airport with connections to numerous other important cities throughout the nation.

 Delhi’s main airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL): This Airport links the capital to a number of important Indian cities, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. It also runs a lot of foreign flights to different parts of the world.

This airport known to be the busiest airports in India and Indira Gandhi International Airport serves a crucial role in air travel to and from Delhi by providing both domestic and international connectivity.

By road, there are several well-connected routes from major Indian cities to Delhi.

  1. Travel from Mumbai to Delhi via the NH48, which passes through Gujarat and Rajasthan. 
  2. Travelers from Bangalore can choose to go to Delhi via NH48, which passes via Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. 
  3. Via NH44, Chennai is connected to Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Madhya Pradesh before connecting NH48. 
  4. Delhi is reachable from Kolkata via Uttar Pradesh’s NH19. 

Road travel provides convenience and stunning surroundings, assuring a delightful journey to see Delhi’s historical, cultural, and lively aspects. Well-maintained highways, state-run buses, private cabs, and self-drive choices are all accessible.

Major Indian cities are well connected to Delhi via rail. Trains that offer a comfortable and effective way to travel are the Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express, which operate on a regular basis from places like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. 

Trains like the Mumbai Rajdhani and August Kranti Rajdhani connect to Delhi from Mumbai. Trains like the Poorva Express and Howrah Rajdhani are available in Kolkata. Trains such as the Grand Trunk Express and Tamil Nadu Express link to Chennai. 

Delhi is easily accessible by rail, providing easy travel alternatives for passengers from all regions of the country. Multiple Trains operate on these Routes.

Frequently Asked Questions On Delhi Tour

Which Delhi attractions are a must-see?

Major Attractions of Delhi are as follows

  1. The Red Fort
  2. Qutub Minar
  3. India Gate
  4. Jama Masjid
  5. Lotus Temple
  6. Humayun’s Tomb
  7. Akshardham Temple

The winter months of October through March are the best times to visit Delhi because of the lovely weather that makes it excellent for sightseeing.

Delhi provides convenient travel throughout the city with a variety of transportation alternatives, such as the metro, buses, autorickshaws, taxis and app-based taxis like Ola and Uber.

Delhi is well known for its markets, which include Dilli Haat (handicrafts), Sarojini Nagar and Janpath (for cheap shopping), Chandni Chowk (for traditional products) and Connaught Place (for branded retailers).

Delhi is well-known for its wide variety of food. A range of street snacks and popular dishes like chole bhature, butter chicken, kebabs, chaat and parathas are also served.

Delhi organizes a number of cultural events all year long that feature music, dancing, arts and crafts. Some of these events are the International Kite Festival, Dastkar Craft Fair, Delhi Literature Festival and Qutub Festival.

Although Delhi is a secure city overall, visitors should exercise caution, particularly in crowded locations. In tourist areas, it’s best to keep valuables safe and watch out for pickpockets and scams.

Spending two to four days in Delhi would give you plenty of time to see the main sights, peruse the marketplaces, sample the local food, and take in the cultural atmosphere of the city, depending on your interests.

Asia’s largest wholesale spice bazaar is located in Delhi. There is an infinite supply of wholesale spices in Khari Baoli, the well-known spice bazaar in Old Delhi. Old Delhi’s Khari Baoli Spice Market is one of Delhi’s most well-known attractions. It’s among Asia’s biggest and oldest wholesale spice marketplaces.

The majority of people in Delhi speak Hindi, almost 80 % of them. The remaining people are partial to Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, and other languages. Like in any other part of India, English is the most widely used foreign language.

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