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Budget Telangana Tour Packages

Discover Telangana’s unique cultural fabric, which reveals a modern, historical, and traditional blend. Start your tour in Hyderabad, the capital city home to famous sites including the calm Hussain Sagar Lake, the Golconda Fort, and the Charminar.

Travel to Warangal and explore the architectural wonders of the ancient Kakatiya empire at the Thousand-Pillar-Temple and Warangal Fort.

Experience Karimnagar’s culture firsthand by going to the revered Vemulawada Temple and the Elgandal Fort.

Discover Khammam’s natural splendour, encompassing verdant vistas and the storied Khammam Fort.

Discover Nizamabad’s architectural legacy, which is replete with old buildings, like the Nizamabad Fort, and antiquated temples

Finish your adventure in the tranquil town of Adilabad, savoring the stunning scenery and the Kuntala and Pochera waterfalls.

Telangana offers a wonderful travel experience at its many locations, thanks to its unique fusion of history, culture, and scenic beauty. ue fusion of history, culture, and scenic beauty.

Top 10 Destinations for Site Seeting In Telangana

The following is a list of Telangana’s top ten must-see locations:

  1. Hyderabad: Discover Hyderabad’s famous Charminar, Golconda Fort, Hussain Sagar Lake, Chowmahalla Palace, and the lively Laad Bazaar Bazaar.
  2. Warangal: Take in the tranquil Bhadrakali Temple, the Warangal Fort, the Thousand Pillar Temple, and the Kakatiya Kala Thoranam.
  3. Karimnagar: Explore the historically significant and aesthetically pleasing Elgandal Fort, Vemulawada Temple, and Lower Manair Dam.
  4. Khammam: Take in the district’s scenic surroundings, as well as the Khammam Fort and the Khammam Forest Division.
  5. Nizamabad: See the district’s religious sites, the ancient Nizamabad Fort, and the Nizam Sagar Dam in Nizamabad.
  6. Adilabad: Take in the breathtaking views of the Kadam Dam, the Basar Saraswathi Temple, and the Kuntala and Pochera Waterfalls.
  7. Mahbubnagar: See the old Gadwal Fort, the Koilsagar Dam, and the ancient Pillalamarri Banyan Tree.
  8. Sangareddy: Take in the tranquil Manjeera River, historic buildings like Medak Church, and the stunning Singur Dam.
  9. Nalgonda: Discover the historic Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Bhuvanangiri Fort, and the district’s historic temples in Nalgonda.
  10. Medak: Take a tour of the town’s historical landmarks, Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary, and Medak Cathedral.

These locations provide a rich tapestry of natural beauty, historical sites, cultural landmarks and architectural wonders, making Telangana an alluring travel destination for adventure seekers.

Best Tourist Packages To Visit Telangana

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How To Travel To Telangana

The principal airport serving air travel in Telangana is:

Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD): Acting as Telangana’s main airport, it links the state to important cities both domestically and internationally. Domestic flights are available from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to a number of cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and others. In addition, it runs a large number of international flights to locations in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
The Rajiv Gandhi Worldwide Airport in Hyderabad is an important airport in the area because it not only helps to facilitate air travel inside the state, but also acts as a major transit hub for travelers connecting to other Indian cities and worldwide destination

Frequently Asked Questions

Reaching Telangana by road offers well-connected routes from various major Indian cities. 

From Mumbai, take NH65 through Maharashtra and Karnataka, entering Telangana. Bangalore connects via NH44 or NH765 through Karnataka, reaching Hyderabad or other Telangana cities. 

Chennai accesses Telangana via NH16 through Andhra Pradesh. Kolkata connects through NH16 via Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. From Nagpur, take NH44 through Maharashtra, entering Telangana. Well-maintained highways and expressways promise convenience for travelers opting for road travel. 

State-run buses, private cabs, and self-driven vehicles are available, ensuring a comfortable journey while exploring the diverse culture, historical sites, and vibrant cities of Telangana.

Major Indian cities are well connected to Telangana by rail. 

The two main railway hubs in Telangana, Hyderabad and Secunderabad, are served by trains such as the Telangana Express and the Andhra Pradesh Express, which depart from Delhi. Trains such as the Hussain Sagar Express and the Devagiri Express link to Mumbai. 

Trains such as the Karnataka Express and Kacheguda Express are available in Bangalore. Trains such as the Hyderabad Express and Charminar Express connect Chennai. Trains like the Falaknuma Express and East Coast Express are offered in Kolkata. Telangana is widely accessible by rail, providing a convenient and effective means of transportation from different regions of India. 

Diese allows tourists and travelers to enjoy the state’s unique attractions and cultural legacy with ease. Multiple trains operate on a regular basis.

What are some of Telanganas must-see locations?

Among the must-see locations are the Ramappa Temple, Bhadrachalam, Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Hyderabad (Charminar, Golconda Fort, Hussain Sagar Lake) and Nagarjuna Sagar.

The winter months of October through March are the ideal times to visit Telangana, because the weather is generally milder and ideal for sightseeing.

Telangana has a wide range of aromatic and hot dishes. Hyderabadi Biryani, Mirchi ka Salan, Haleem (Telangana-style mutton curry) and Pesarattu (a dosa-like dish) are a few of the well-liked delicacies.

Telangana is well-served by air, rail and road networks. State-run buses, trains that link major cities, and domestic flights via Hyderabads Rajiv Gandhi International Airport are examples of public transportation.

Indeed, Telangana has a number of cultural festivals, including the Hyderabad Literary Festival, Deccan Festival, Bonalu and Bathukamma. These celebrations highlight the area’s rich customs, culture, and artistic expression.

Trekking at Kuntala Waterfalls or Ananthagiri Hills, viewing the old rock formations at Pillalamarri, and touring the tribal settlements in the Adilabad area are a few unusual experiences.

Telangana is regarded as safe for travelers overall. Nonetheless, it is wise to exercise common-sense-care by protecting your possessions, paying attention to your surroundings, and abiding by local laws.

Popular mementos include jewelry and pearls, Nirmal paintings, Pochampally sarees, Hyderabadi pearls, and Bidriware, which is metal-handcraft.

Indeed, Telangana offers possibilities for those who enjoy the outdoors and animals to visit a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, including Pakhal Animals Sanctuary, Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary.

Most places in Telangana do not usually require special permits for tourists to visit. However, you could want authorization from the local authorities for some activities, such trekking or photography, in certain sites, or for prohibited areas.

Telangana’s Karimnagar is well-known for its historical significance and scenic surroundings. The Elgandal Fort, the Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple, and the Manair Dam are a few of the well-known sights. There are boating facilities at the Lower Manair Dam, which is nearby.

Most of Telangana is home to cotton farms, which are known as White Gold. 48 lakh bales of cotton are produced annually on roughly 12.5 lakh hectares of cropland.

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