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About Us

Welcome to the Trendy Travel Blog of Md Shafi

Salutations, fellow Explorers! I am Md Shafi, a complex person who has a strong desire to explore new places and a firm conviction in the transforming potential of travel. 

I consider myself to be an environmentalist, social entrepreneur, photographer, Instagrammer, blogger, content writer, family traveler, and social entrepreneur, but at my heart, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the life-changing opportunities that come with travel.

A Self-Discovery-Journey

I have a background in civil engineering and have worked in a variety of sectors over the past 20 years. Still, my passion for travel is what really makes me who I am. 

I have traveled extensively, seeing everything from the vivid scenery of South India to the breathtaking marvels of North India. Each trip has left a lasting impression on my spirit.

Revealing the treasures of India

My current goal is to discover Central and Northeast Indias hidden treasures. By means of my journeys, I endeavor to compile the perfect travel guide for my fellow nomads, providing essential information to augment your travels, insider tips, recommendations for flights, and insights into the best accommodations

A Lifetime of Education

My academic career came to an end in 2004, when I received my degree in Civil Engineering. Since then, I’ve developed my knowledge and abilities by practical experience, overcoming obstacles in my career and in my personal life with resiliency and tenacity.

A Travel Philosophy

As a tourist, I support the idea of deliberate, slow, and sustainable travel. In order to discover the true spirit of each place, I think it’s important to get fully immersed in the local cultures, build relationships with the locals, and venture off the beaten route. 

In addition, I’m determined to leave as little of an environmental impact as possible, so that coming generations may appreciate how beautiful our world is.

Take part in the Journey

I cordially invite you to accompany me on this thrilling adventure and discovery tour. You’ll find a plethora of tools and tales to stoke your wanderlust, whether you’re looking for ideas for your next vacation or helpful tips to improve your travel experiences.

Lets Connect

Please get in touch with me on my blog or on social media. I am excited to hear about your own travel experiences, exchange wisdom, and support a thriving group of travelers that share my interests.

I appreciate you joining me on this adventure. Let’s go on adventures, make lifelong memories, and explore together.

Happy Journeys!

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Tour India