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Top 10 Saree brands of India

India is known for its sarees and is a country with colourful traditions and ageless elegance. For centuries, these six yards of pure elegance have been an essential component of our culture. 

India’s saree industry is a treasure trove of styles and craftsmanship just waiting to be discovered.

Despite the rich and varied culture of India, every state in the country still has a deep love for sarees. Each state in India has its own unique style for styling sarees, and they all look equally stunning. 

In India, sarees are a universally loved garment, and women wear them with great pride in their ethnicity and culture. 

Many Indian brands produce gorgeous sarees and regularly add new styles to their inventory in response to shifting fashion trends. The top Indian saree brands are included here, and you should definitely check them out.

Exploring the Mesmerising World of Indian Sarees

Varieties of Sarees

 A saree is a multipurpose garment that can be worn for different occasions and draped in different ways. 

They are available in various varieties, each with a distinct look and feel. We’ll talk about some of the most well-liked saree styles now.

  1. Bandhani Sarees: Gujarat and Rajasthan produce bandhani sarees, which are renowned for their tie-dye designs. They are first made by tying tiny knots in the fabric to create a distinctive geometric design. After that, the fabric is dyed, creating a striking saree with vibrant colours.Indian women have long worn bandhani sarees, but they are also increasingly popular elsewhere in the world. Their striking patterns and vibrant colours make them a truly remarkable choice for any occasion.
  2. Banarasi Sarees: The northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is home to the city of Varanasi, where banarasi sarees are manufactured. Their exquisite patterns and sumptuous silk fabrics are well-known. Gold or silver thread is frequently used to adorn banarasi sarees. Red is the most often chosen colour for Banarasi sarees, even though they come in many other hues. Typically, banarasi sarees are worn for weddings and other formal events.
  3. Georgette sarees: Georgette sarees are popular among Indian women because they feel airy and light. Because the fabric is made of high-quality yarns, it feels silky and smooth to the touch. Georgette sarees, which are frequently adorned with intricate embroidery or beadwork, are ideal for special occasions. With the right care, a georgette saree can last for many years.
  4. Taant Sarees: Taant sarees are usually made of cotton that is finely woven and lightweight. They are ideal for warm, muggy weather. The saree is embellished with intricate embroidery, typically using gold or silver thread. Taant sarees are among the most exquisite sarees in India; they are made in West Bengal.
  5. Silk Sarees: Silk cloth is used to make silk sarees, as the name suggests. Despite being robust and requiring regular care, they are frequently thin and delicate.Silk sarees are suitable for both formal and informal events because they come in a range of colours and pattern.

How To Choose The Best Saree Brand for Women

To make sure you get the ideal saree that suits your needs and preferences, there are a few factors to take into account when selecting the best saree brand for women in India:

  1. Budget: Since sarees can range widely in price, decide how much you can afford. Since materials, designs, and quality can differ, having a budget helps focus your options.
  2. Occasion: Take into account the saree’s intended use, including weddings, informal get-togethers, formal occasions, and everyday wear. Different brands focus on different kinds of sarees.
  3. Research: Learn as much as you can about the various saree brands. Check for testimonials, endorsements, and reviews to determine the brand’s reputation.
  4. Brand Reputation: Reputable and well-established brands frequently provide greater variety and higher quality. These companies have a track record of satisfying customers.
  5. Personal Style: Determine Your Unique Personal Style While some brands offer modern and fusion styles, others concentrate on traditional designs. Select a brand that complements your personal style.
  6. Customization: Take into account companies that provide customization services if you have particular needs or desire a distinctive design.
  7. After-sale Service: Over time, sarees may require adjustments or repairs. To make sure you can preserve the quality of your saree, check the brand’s after-sales service.
  8. Material: Certain materials are known to be found in particular parts of India. Look for brands that specialise in materials such as silk, cotton, or other materials if those are your preferences.
  9. Geographical Origin: Traditional saree weaves from places like Chanderi, Kanchipuram, and Banarasi differ from one another. Select a brand that is well-known for that style if you want an authentic regional saree.
  10. Word of Mouth: Get referrals from loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. They may have firsthand knowledge of particular brands.

Best Saree Brands of India

1. Desi Butik‚Äč

Discover the colourful world of Indian Desi Butik saree brands for women, where tradition and modern elegance collide. These companies provide a huge selection of gorgeous sarees that honour the rich history of Indian fashion. 

Accept the charm of Desi Butik sarees with their elaborate patterns, fine embroidery, and opulent materials.

  1. Timeless Elegance: Desi Butik sarees are an enduring representation of grace and beauty.
  2. Rich Heritage: With their designs, these companies honour the variety of Indian culture.
  3. Distinctive Craftsmanship: Every saree is a work of art due to the fine craftsmanship and minute details.
  4. Versatile Options: Desi Butik has sarees for every occasion, ranging from classic silk to contemporary prints.
  1. Expensive: High-quality workmanship may have a higher cost.
  2. Limited Accessibility: Depending on the location, availability may change.

2. Satya Paul

Explore the world of Satya Paul Saree, a well-known company that has revolutionised Indian fashion. 

Indian women now have an elegant way to embrace their heritage thanks to these sarees, which are the ideal combination of tradition and modern style.

  1. Iconic Designs: The distinctive and iconic designs of Satya Paul sarees are renowned for encapsulating the spirit of contemporary India.
  2. Innovation: The brand is always bringing in new and creative patterns as its styles change.
  3. Quality Fabrics: High-quality fabrics are used in the creation of sarees, guaranteeing their comfort and longevity.
  4. Celebrity Favourite: Preferred by famous people, this option is a top pick for stylish ladies.
  1. Premium Pricing: Satya Paul sarees can be pricey, as quality comes with a price.
  2. Restricted Budget Options: Not all budgets may be able to afford them.
  3. Availability: Satya Paul’s collections might not be easily accessible in all areas.


With Kalanjali sarees, which combine classic tradition with modern styles, you can up your style ante. 

These gorgeous sarees keep you on the cutting edge of fashion while honouring India’s rich cultural legacy.¬†

With such a wide selection of designs, from traditional to contemporary, Kalanjali caters to the individual tastes of every woman. 


  1. Rich Heritage: With its elaborately embroidered sarees, Kalanjali honours India’s cultural diversity.
  2. Diverse Options: A large selection of styles, ranging from classic silk to contemporary prints, satisfy a variety of tastes.
  3. Calibre Craftsmanship: With its fine detailing, every saree is a work of art.
  4. Affordable Options: Provides options that are affordable without sacrificing quality.
  1. Restricted Accessibility: Some customers may have limited access due to availability varying by location.
  2. Limited Innovation: Compared to some other brands, it might not be as trendsetting.
  3. Competition: In India’s saree market, it faces fierce competition from other well-known brands.

4. Mimosa

Improve your sense of style with Mimosa Sarees, a brand that skillfully blends Indian women’s traditional charm with modern flair. 

With so many options to suit every woman’s individual preference and taste, these sarees are a fashionista’s dream.

  1. Beautiful Designs: Mimosa sarees are renowned for their beautiful and detailed patterns.
  2. Budget-Friendly: You don’t have to spend a fortune to adorn yourself in luxury.
  3. Fabric Variety: Mimosa provides an extensive selection of fabrics, ranging from silk to georgette.
  4. Widespread Accessibility: Easily available in many Indian regions.
  1. Durability: Some solutions might not hold up as well as more expensive ones.
  2. Limited Innovation: The company’s designs might not always be the most innovative.

5. Meena Bazaar

Explore the classic charm of Meena Bazaar saree brands, which are a shining example of grace and heritage in the centre of India. Explore a world where haute couture and heritage collide, where every drape tells a tale of skill and culture. 

Meena Bazaar offers an enchanting collection that speaks to every woman’s desire for grace and beauty, from luxurious handwoven silks to resplendent Banarasis.

  1. Beautiful workmanship: Meena Bazaar sarees are well known for their sophisticated and detailed patterns.
  2. Cultural Elegance: Each drape makes a statement about the rich heritage of India.
  3. Superior Fabrics: The utilisation of superior materials guarantees comfort and longevity.
  4. Accessible to All: Meena Bazaar’s collections can be found in many parts of India.
  1. Increased Cost: High-quality workmanship may be more expensive.
  2. Market Competition: In India’s thriving market, there is competition from a variety of other saree brands.

6. Karagiri

Savour the world of Karagiri Sarees, where Indian women’s traditional attire and modern appeal meld together in a seamless fashion.¬†

These sarees, which come in a variety of designs to suit every woman’s individual style, are a monument to classic elegance.

  1. Exquisite workmanship: Karagiri sarees are recognised for their exquisite workmanship and artistic details.
  2. Superior Fabrics: The utilisation of superior materials guarantees comfort and durability.
  3. Affordable Luxury: Provides a hint of extravagance without breaking the bank.
  4. Accessibility: These sarees can be easily found all over India.
  1. Limited Innovation: The newest designs might not always be present.
  2. Periodic Durability Problems: Certain options may not be as durable as more expensive ones.
  3. Market Competition: In India’s thriving market, it faces competition from a wide range of other saree brands.

7. Glory

Enter the seductive realm of glory sarees, where Indian women are drawn to the way tradition and contemporary style coexist. 

These sarees are the embodiment of classic elegance, with a wide variety of designs to suit a wide range of preferences.


Beautiful Designs: Glory sarees are renowned for their beautiful and detailed designs.
Cultural Richness: Each saree is a statement of their respect for India’s past.
High-quality fabrics are used to guarantee comfort and longevity.
Accessible to All: Glory’s collections are easily found throughout much of India.


Limited Innovation: The newest designs might not always be present.
Periodic Durability Problems: Certain options may not be as durable as more expensive ones.
Care Requirements: Special maintenance may be necessary for delicate fabrics.

8. Kalamandir Sarees

Enter the captivating world of Kalamandir sarees, where tradition and modern style meld to create a look that is adored by Indian women. 

These sarees are the pinnacle of classic elegance and come in a variety of styles to suit the individual tastes of every woman.

  1. Beautiful workmanship: Kalamandir sarees are well known for their elaborate and creative patterns.
  2. Cultural Celebration: Each saree is transformed into a work of art as it honours India’s rich legacy.
  3. High-quality textiles: The utilisation of superior materials guarantees comfort and longevity.
  4. Widespread Accessibility: The collections of Kalamandir are easily accessible throughout India.
  1. Higher Price Range: High-quality workmanship is frequently associated with a premium cost.
  2. Gentle Handling: Certain sarees might need extra care during upkeep.

9. Flosive

Welcome to the alluring world of Flosive Sarees, an Indian women’s clothing brand that exquisitely combines tradition and modern style.¬†

These sarees appeal to a wide range of tastes by providing a distinctive blend of classic elegance and contemporary sophistication.

  1. Fine Craftsmanship: Flossy sarees are renowned for their elaborate and creative patterns.
  2. Cultural Elegance: They honour India’s rich history by turning every saree into a work of art.
  3. High-quality textiles: Flosive prioritises the use of high-quality materials to guarantee comfort and longevity.
  4. Accessible Collections: Sarees from Flosive are easily accessible in many parts of India.
  1. Premium Pricing: High-quality workmanship is frequently more expensive.
  2. Carefully Handled: Certain sarees might need extra attention.

10. Suta

Enter the captivating world of Suta Sarees, a brand that skillfully combines Indian tradition and modern charm for ladies. 

Suta’s sarees are the epitome of classic elegance, with a wide range of styles to complement each woman’s individual flair.

  1. Skillful Handiwork: Suta sarees are well-known for their exquisite and imaginative patterns.
  2. Comfortable Fabrics: Breathable and cosy materials are given top priority by the brand.
  3. Sustainable Practices: Suta is dedicated to environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods.
  4. Accessible Options: Women in India can easily find Suta’s collections.
  1. Cost: Fine workmanship may incur a marginally higher cost.
  2. Limited Physical Stores: In certain areas, availability might be restricted.


FAQ on Sarees Selection for Women

What fabric should I choose for a saree?

It is contingent upon the situation and individual inclinations. Popular selections include silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette and crepe. Cotton sarees are more comfortable for everyday use, however silk sarees are seen to be exquisite for formal events.

Pastel colors, vivid hues, and deep tones like emerald green and royal blue are good choices for fair skin tones. Earthy tones, rich purples, and jewel tones complement medium skin tones beautifully. Rich hues like navy blue and deep reds, as well as pastels and vivid colors, look great on those with dark complexion tones.

Select airy, well-draping lightweight materials like georgette or chiffon for a pear-shaped figure. Choose sarees with narrow borders and stay away from voluminous decorations close to the hips. Silk sarees with wider borders can produce a more contoured look on an apple-shaped figure.

The most popular Nivi style, Bengali style, Gujarati style and Maharashtrian style are among the popular draping styles. The pallu (the loose end) is draped and pleated differently in each style

Sarees look great with accessories like bindis, earrings, bangles, and bold necklaces. Waistchains, belts, and brooches are other fashionable embellishments. Select accessories that go well with the color and pattern of the saree.

Observe the fabric-specific care guidelines. Silk sarees should be dry cleaned, however cotton sarees can be gently machine or hand washed. Sarees should be kept out of direct sunlight and in a clean, dry location to avoid fading.


When choosing a saree, women should take into account the fabric, the color that complements their skin tone, and their body type. Choose light silks or cotton for ease, and choose for hues that will complement your skin tone. 

Choose drapery designs that accentuate your body shape, then carefully choose your accessories. When buying, give quality, authenticity, and personal style top priority to ensure that the saree you have chosen fits and gives you confidence.

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