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Top 10 Swimwear Brands For Women In India

Welcome to our guide to the best Indian women’s swimwear! Discover the hottest trends, top brands, and crucial advice for picking the ideal swimsuit as we take you into a world of style and self-assurance.Β 

We have you covered, whether you’re heading to the beaches of Goa, relaxing by the pool in Mumbai, or preparing for a tropical vacation. From stylish bikinis to figure-flattering one-pieces, we’ll help you stand out in both comfort and style. Join us on this adventure to find swimwear that fits your distinct body type and style, so you can enjoy the sun in style!

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 swimwear companies in India, where you can buy chic swimwear online or the ideal bikini set for the beach. In order to find the ideal swimwear for your upcoming beach vacation, get ready to explore the world of Indian swimwear.

How to Select the Best Swimwear For Women

Making the right swimwear choice is crucial for comfort and self-confidence. When selecting swimwear for women, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Body Type: To choose a style that enhances your figure, be aware of your body type (hourglass, pear, apple, etc.). For instance, a one-piece can control the stomach, while high-waisted bottoms can lengthen the legs.
  2. Comfort: Select the proper size to ensure a comfortable fit. For ease of movement, think about adjustable straps and stretchy materials.
  3. Purpose:Determining the intended use is the purpose. Choose a snug fit with more coverage for vigorous swimming or sports. Pick fashionable styles when tanning.
  4. Support: If you require additional support for your bust, look for swimwear with built-in support like underwire or moulded cups.
  5. Material: Because they are quick-drying and offer good stretch, high-quality fabrics like nylon and spandex are perfect for swimwear.
  6. UV Protection: To protect your skin from damaging UV rays if you spend a lot of time in the sun, think about wearing swimwear with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).
  7. Style: Whether it’s a bikini, one-piece, tankini, or swimdress, pick a style that expresses your personality and level of comfort.
  8. Color and Pattern:Dark colours can help you look slimmer, while bold patterns can add flair. Pick patterns that suit your preferences.
  9. Budget: Establish a spending limit and look into options that fall within it, keeping in mind that quality is frequently correlated with durability.

List of Best Swimwear Brands of India

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Name of Brand






Da Intimo


Marks & Spencer 


Shivan and Narresh






The Beach Company





1.Jockey-Swimwear India​

In the Indian market for women’s swimwear, Jockey, a well-known brand in the world of intimate apparel, brings its dedication to quality and comfort. Swimwear from Jockey is renowned for its meticulous design work and premium materials, making it a top option for women looking for both style and comfort.

Women can move freely in and out of the water thanks to the secure and comfortable fit of Jockey swimwear. The brand’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its use of strong and quick-drying materials, which guarantee longevity and usefulness.

Because of Jockey’s reputation for dependability, customers have faith in its swimwear line. Despite its high level of craftsmanship and fashion, Jockey swimwear is still affordable, making it a viable option for women all over India.

2.N-Gal – Bikini Swimwear

Discover your coastal charm with the stunning selection of women’s only Bikini Swimwear from N-Gal. Enter a world of stylish refinement, where confidence blends with ease and sophistication.Β 

Every bikini is a work of art, made with high-quality materials that fit the body beautifully and promise a luxurious yet long-lasting fit. N-Gal has a wide selection of options to fit any mood and situation, whether you’re reclining by the pool or soaking up the sun on far-off coastlines. Whether you’re looking for bold designs, stylish solids, or flattering cuts.

Enjoy the pinnacle of confidence and femininity with N-Gal’s Bikini Swimwear, which combines avant-garde style with unmatched comfort. Accept the courage to stand out by exuding grace and elegance at every step you take along the shore.Β 

3. Da Intimo-Swimsuit India

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and style with Da Intimo’s stunning line of women’s-only bikiniswimwear. Enter a world where fashion and utility coexist harmoniously and give in to the glamour of poolside living and sun-kissed beaches.

The Bikini-Swimwear-Line by Da Intimo is a perfect example of how to combine classic style with modern sophistication. Savor the elegance of fine fabrics and well-executed design that maximizes comfort while hugging your curves. Whether you like bold cuts or traditional silhouettes, Da Intimo has a variety of styles that will enhance and compliment all body types.

Discover the ideal fusion of comfort and fashion-forward sensibility, reinventing your beach-ready style with Da Intimo’s own charm.

4. Marks & Spencer – Bikini Brands

With Marks & Spencer’s alluring selection of bikini swimwear, which is designed to highlight every woman’s sense of confidence and style, you can up your seaside sophistication. Enter a world where comfort and sophistication coexist together, and style and function are seamlessly combined.

The stylish and adaptable bikini-swimwear-collection from Marks & Spencer offers a variety of solutions to fit different body types and tastes. With their selection of bikinis, which are made from high-quality materials and provide an unmatched level of comfort together with a flattering fit, you can discover the ideal balance between style and utility.

With Marks & Spencer’s statement-making and incredibly comfortable bikini swimwear, you can embrace the beauty and confidence of the seaside.

5. Shivan and Narresh – Best Swimwear

Experience the pinnacle of swimwear design with Shivan and Narresh’s captivating Bikini Line, which redefines luxury and radiates a bold elegance all its own.

The Bikini Swimwear Collection by Shivan and Narresh is a perfect example of creativity and refinement; It features cutting-edge trends and avant-garde designs that honor the feminine form in all its forms.Β 

Discover the unparalleled luxury of their swimwear, which is made from high-quality fabrics and combines impeccable fit and unparalleled comfort.

Shivan and Narreshs Bikini Swimwear is a monument to unparalleled craftsmanship and unabashed allure. It is perfect for embracing the spirit of powerful femininity.Β 

6. PrettySecrets – Swimwear Online India.

Discover a world of seaside glitz and self-assurance with PrettySecrets’ alluring selection of bikini swimwear, which is designed to celebrate each woman’s distinct sense of style and sense of fashion. Enter a world where stylish meets comfortable, and trend-setting styles meld effortlessly with adaptability.

The bikini-swimwear-collection from PrettySecrets is a unique blend of classic elegance and modern style. Every item is finely created and offers a wide range of styles to suit a variety of tastes, from bold patterns to elegant solids.

Transform your beachwear-collection with pieces from a brand dedicated to empowering women through fashion. These pieces reflect sophistication, elegance, and a hint of whimsical femininity.

7. Amante – Top Ten Bikini Brands In India

Discover a world of refinement and flair with Amante’s stunning selection of bikini swimwear, which is made to accentuate the grace and self-assurance of the contemporary lady. Discover a world where elegance and usefulness coexist, and each piece is painstakingly made with care.

Amante’s collection of Bikini Swimwear exhibits an unmatched fusion of classic elegance and modern style. Each bikini is an exquisite example of well-thought-out design and excellent craftsmanship, with a wide range of styles to choose from, including stylish patterns and timeless solids, to suit different tastes and preferences.

Invest in swimwear from a company known for quality and sophistication, to add pieces to your collection that are elegant and the ideal combination of comfort and sophisticated style.

8. The Beach Company – Indian Beachwear

Discover effortless style and unbridled confidence with The Beach Company’s beautiful Bikini Swimwear line, which will transport you to the pinnacle of seaside glamour.Β 

The Beach Company’s collection of bikini swimwear combines comfort and fashion forward designs, providing a wide choice of styles to suit a variety of interests.Β 

Savor the elegance of excellent materials and exquisite workmanship that characterize The Beach Company’s swimwear line. Because of their exquisite tailoring, these bikinis will fit you perfectly and highlight your contours while offering the highest level of comfort.

Invest in beachwear from a business that is committed to reinventing coastal elegance to add sophisticated pieces to your collection that perfectly balance comfort and fashion.

9. Clovia – Buy Swimwear Online.

With Clovia’s seductive Bikini Swimwear line, you can explore a world of beachfront allure and classic elegance. It’s made to uplift your beachside look and celebrate the beauty of self-assured femininity. Enter a comfortable yet stylish space, where each piece embraces uniqueness and charm.

The Bikini Swimwear Collection by Clovia is the epitome of elegance and adaptability, with a vast selection of styles to suit every woman’s particular preference.Β 

Discover the exquisite blend of high-quality materials and precise fitting that characterize Clovias swimwear line. These bikinis offer the best comfort and support available, expertly made to flaunt your proportions.

Invest in swimwear from a brand dedicated to empowering women through design, to upgrade your collection with pieces that exude refinement and capture the spirit of modern style and comfort.

10. Enamor – Best Swimwear Brand

Experience a voyage of confident and sophisticated seaside dressing with Enamor’s stunning Bikini Swimwear line, which honors each woman’s uniqueness and grace. Enter a world where elegance and comfort collide, with each piece being expertly and gracefully made.

The bikini-swimwear-line from Enamor perfectly combines classic appeal with modern charm. Every bikini is an example of exquisite craftsmanship and well-considered design, with a wide range of styles to suit different tastes, from bold prints to classic silhouettes.

Enhance your swimwear-assortment with elegant pieces that capture the spirit of classy design and female empowerment from a company dedicated to uplifting women through clothing.

FAQ on Wearing of Bikini Swimwear in India

Is it acceptable to wear bikinis in India?

In India, bikinis are frequently worn at private resorts, tourist attractions, and beach locations. Nonetheless, some public spaces and rural communities may have modest clothing requirements.

Bikinis are sold in a variety of locations, including department stores, specialized shops, malls, and brand-specific websites, as well as online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra.

With a large selection of designs and sizes, some well-known Indian brands of bikinis are Clovia, PrettySecrets, Zivame, Amante, N-Gal and others.

When choosing a bikini, take the environment and cultural standards into account. In conservative settings go for modest or more covered styles; For various events, consider styles that are adaptable.

Depending on the brand and style, bikinis in India usually range in size from XS to XL or even higher. Size Charts are typically offered by brands as a guide.

Observe regional norms on attire in specific locations. Bikinis are fine in private resorts and beaches, but if you’re not in the approved swimwear area, think about donning a cover-up.

Yes, a large range of bikini designs and brands are available for purchase on a number of internet platforms. Prior to purchasing, make sure to review sizing charts and return guidelines.

Bikini prices might differ greatly depending on the brand, style, and quality. For designer or premium brands, the price range might be several thousand to a few hundred rupees.

To preserve their quality, hand wash your bikinis in cool water after each use using a moderate Detergent. To stop fading, don’t wring them out or use harsh chemicals; Instead, let them dry in the shade.

Certain public pools may have dress codes that call for extra coverage, like one-piece suits. It’s best to confirm the pool’s regulations before donning a bikini.


A Concluding Look at the Dynamic Development of Indian Women’s Swimwear. India’s growth of women’s swimwear is a fascinating tale, spanning from traditional modesty to modern fashion statements. By embracing a wide range of patterns, styles, and designs, the swimwear business has altered cultural conventions and given women the freedom to express themselves.

“India’s swimwear business is thriving thanks to a blend of tradition and contemporary, recognizing uniqueness and providing women looking for comfort, confidence, and style with a wide range of options.β€œ

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