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summer s arrived in India, and it has stuck with a bang. With scorching sun – and rising temperatures – this year’s summer is the hottest compared to the past hundred years.

Sailing through this summer is definitely going to be a stressful experience for all of us. After almost two years – we are finally trying to revel our summer holidays – but it is a challenge to enjoy a vacation in these soaring temperatures.

Well – there is a catch. We could find respite from this blazing hot summer – and still can enjoy our summer holidays – at some of the best hill stations in India.

There are plenty of picturesque hill stations in India that offer respite from this heat. The majority of them were built by the British around a central mall to provide relief from the oppressive summer heat. There are myriad things and places to explore and enjoy in any of India’s hill stations. To add to the excitement, you can ride a toy train up to some of t















1.Gulmarg-Jammu & Kashmir

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